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Tina's 10 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

1. Be Active! Plan to be active in the morning before the Thanksgiving festivities begin. This doesn’t have to be a gym workout (of course it can be if that is what you enjoy), but it can be a family hike or walk.

2. Eat a nutritious and satisfying breakfast! Don’t refrain from eating until the Thanksgiving meal is served. This will in fact give you the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish and you will be so ravenous by dinner time that you will over eat and be well beyond 10 on your Fullness Scale.

3. Prepare a lightened dish! There are so many ways to lighten up the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Sweet Potatoes are a fantastic power food with numerous health benefits, but many like to add sugar, butter and marshmallows to it making it a very high caloric and high sugar dish. Search for a lightened-up version.

4. Be aware of Portions! Keep in mind you want a balanced plate with protein, veggies, starch and healthy fat.

5. Skip Seconds!

6. Plan! Plan to be successful and Plan your choices.

7. Be Realistic! You may have more temptations and you may want to indulge. Don’t be so restrictive on yourself that you are miserable and resent your healthy program.

8. Be kind! Don’t beat yourself up about anything. You are doing great! Making yourself feel guilty will snowball into disaster.

9. Go Easy on Alcohol! Holidays are for celebrating, but alcohol can add many calories to your day. Have a glass of wine, but don’t overdo it.

10. Focus on Family, Friends and Being Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving from Live Well With Tina! I pray you have a Blessed day filled with love, gratitude and healthy fabulous food.

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