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Planning and Prepping for Success

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Have you ever been so hungry that you don’t even realize what you started eating or how much? I remember nights when I’d get home from a long day at work and I would be ravenous. I’d start making dinner and eating while I cooked. I’d end up eating “dinner” before I even finishing making dinner. Sound familiar? This was an unhealthy habit that was well established in my life. So, how did I change it and how can you?

It’s as simple as planning ahead! It doesn’t have to be complicated or take a long time, but planning ahead and prepping can make a significant difference in your steps to developing healthy habits.

Here are a few tips:

  • Find fun new recipes ( 1 or 2 a week)

  • Create a grocery list (helps with impulse buying)

  • Take a little extra time to prep your fresh produce and proteins before putting them in the fridge or freezer. Takes a little extra time on grocery day, but saves time and frustration throughout the week.

  • Prep the night before for what you will have for dinner the next day so the protein and veggies are prepared and ready for cooking. This can save 30 to 40 minutes.

  • Make sure to have healthy options available that are quick and easy for you to grab on your car ride home or as you are prepping dinner so you're not over hungry and just grabbing for anything and everything.

Some examples of healthy snacks to grab on the go are:

a) String cheese

b) Fresh fruits and vegetables that you individually packaged on shopping day

c) 100 calorie packs of almonds (pistachios or walnuts)

d) Hummus and carrots

Old habits didn’t start overnight so don’t be hard on yourself and expect to change everything right away. Take it one habit and one day at a time. Every small step in the right direction will get you to your goals.

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