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Establishing healthy routines with self-care, exercise and healthy eating during COVID 19

Are you feeling overwhelmed with trying to balance everything in life, keeping kids entertained during this social distancing summer, work, daily responsibilities, stress of the unknown? Have you been stressed trying to find time to take care of yourself, exercise and still be there for your family? Like many others, I had to change my entire routine and schedule overnight. I had a routine that consisted of working from home which gave me the flexibility to exercise during the day between clients, food prep after morning school drop off and I even found time for a manicure and pedicure once in a while. Then March came in with a BOOM! My husband began working from home and both of my children began virtual on-line learning through their schools. At first it was a novelty and we thought it was great, we’d have extra family time and thought in April we would be back to our own routines; I’d have mine and they’d have theirs. Well, as we all know now that did not happen and we had to establish new routines for all of us. It wasn’t – and isn’t -- always easy, but it had to happen. And, I needed to find the time to food prep and exercise as I find both essential for my well being and living my best life.

In my case, I have 2 children who enjoy seeing their mom workout, be strong, eat well and honestly be her best self. I realized many years ago that children are always watching and learning! So, I always aim to set a good example by adapting a healthy routine. Also, “If momma’s happy the house is happy!” 😊

With the gym closed, I turned to YouTube for some workout inspiration. Mind you, I own about 1 million workout videos, but I wanted something new to keep me motivated. I came across Les Mills BODYCOMBAT™, a 30 to 45 minute high intensity work out all in my living room for free on YouTube! I feel amazing when I complete it and look forward to my workout every day. I fit it in before I start work in the morning or as I finish my day and before prepping for dinner. We also take long walks and hikes as a family anytime we can! If there’s a will there is a way! You just have to schedule it into your day.

This just happens to be what I enjoy doing, but if you’re thinking that is not for me, that’s ok. You need to find something you enjoy so you will do it. Remember any movement at all is fantastic! Take a short walk or go through YouTube and find something you might enjoy, ask a friend for advice, you may even gain a walking buddy by doing so. You matter and your self-care matters! Make sure you contact your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

Eating healthy is another part of my self-care routine. This is also something that has actually become more enjoyable for me since the pandemic (ironic, isn’t it?). Before COVID, we were such a busy family of four, often seeing each other just a short time each day because of our busy schedules and activities. Now we actually have time to go to a local farm for fresh fruits and vegetables and we started a subscription to Misfits Market for our weekly surprise box of organic produce. This is surprisingly a fun day and my daughter loves to see what we receive each week. We’ve created many different and unique recipes together and it has been wonderful.

All of this is self-care for me, and I’ve loved the extra time together especially since we’ve established new routines that involve healthy living. We are living in an unprecedented time right now and it can be overwhelming. In order to be our best selves, we need to remember to practice self-care and sometimes that might be just 5 minutes of quiet and taking in deep breaths. There is a breathing technique called 4-7-8 that can help with anxiety and stress. The link below walks you through how to do it.

If you are interested in exploring how to establish healthy routines to get you through the pandemic and beyond, I’d love to help you. Please e-mail me at or go to my website, and sign up for a free Discovery session.

In Good Health,


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