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Power of Positivity! Reflecting and Reframing!

Have you ever realized you handle things in life better when you make the conscious decision to stay positive? What happens if you chose to see the negative in a situation before recognizing the good or at least the not so bad part? We can’t control everything that happens around us or to us, but we can control our reactions to it. We can choose to join the crowd and fill ourselves with negative, suffocating energy or we can rise above it and take whatever it is as an opportunity to be fierce. Now, there are some situations in life that are horrible and very hard to find any positivity and if that’s the case we need to step back and find a way to cope the best we know how and I have a tool that can help. I probably use this tool weekly if not daily in my own life. It is Reflect and Reframe!

Here is a good example that many can relate to: You are unhappy with a work situation and feel everyone gets more opportunities than you and you just were passed up for another promotion after working for the company for 10 years, putting in hours of overtime etc. This is a tough situation for us to handle, but Reflecting and Reframing can help and is necessary for us to continue to grow and prosper as people. Reflect on how you act, react, thoughts, words you use etc. What are you letting in? Then, Reframe or look at the situation differently. Reframing is a strategy therapists often use to help clients look at a situation differently.

Back to our work situation. How can you reframe it to see the positive? Maybe your boss has something different in mind for you and there’s a better opportunity around the corner. Maybe it just wasn’t the right position because it was longer hours and would require you to travel weekly, which would mean you would miss quality time with your family, kid’s basketball games, etc. You can use Reframing in all parts of your life, and it will help you stay healthy in Body, Mind and Spirit.

As a Health and Life Coach, I can help you with this tool and so much more. Visit my website today at to book your Body Breakthrough Discovery session and learn about my 90-day Total Body Transformation Program. I’m offering this 60 minute session/consultation for FREE this summer only.

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