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Reset & Recharge


Virtual Group

January 2023 

You will reset your digestive system, recharge your health and have the added support of a group setting!

This is the program for you if you need a Reset & Recharge for the New Year. Reset & Recharge is a 21-day Food Cleanse (you eat clean and nutritious foods) with 4 weeks of Group Habit Change Coaching. This is a great way to get motivated and re-energized. It also will allow you to see what is possible to accomplish in just 4 weeks. 

Start Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Time: 5:30 PM EST.

Location: Zoom

Don't miss this great opportunity to make yourself and your health a priority.

Benefits of this program are:

  • Shed excess weight (especially abdominal weight)

  • Clients have lost up to 14 pounds on this program

  • Boost your energy

  • Feel lighter and cleaner

  • Decrease in your craving for unhealthy foods

  • Improve sleep

  • Improve your digestion (less bloat and gas)

  • Enhance your body's ability to mobilize and excrete toxins

  • Clearer skin

  • Discover food sensitivities

  • Start to create healthy habits

"The Reset & Recharge program was great! I am more informed and am making healthier food choices. I lost weight and fit better in my clothes. I highly recommend Tina and this program to everyone looking for a program that works!" - Pattie Sousa

Register today to experience what Pattie and so many others are talking about. Use the link below to reserve your spot!

Reset & Recharge 4-Week Virtual Group!: Services
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